MD’s Mailbox 1/4/09

The Question:

i really want to learn rock music i am a fan of metal and rock. Where do I start I get very confused because i don’t know how to read note symbols and the various scales.I can read basic guitar tabs but dont know about power chords etc.Can u plz point me in the right direction  so that i can start playing some rock.

My Response:

If you want to play rock music you must learn two things: power chords and the pentatonic scale.  I have some lessons on power chords if you would like to use them.

As for the pentatonic scale, I have some lessons on it, but no beginner lessons.  So I’ll explain it now.  The minor pentatonic scale is a 5 note scale.  I have attached to this email the basis pentatonic “box” that most people start out learning. Take a look at it. You said you could read a tab but if you’re not sure how to read it let me know. The blue dot are root notes.  You can play it anywhere on the neck you choose.  Try learning it and email me back any questions.

Also do you have some rock songs that you want to learn.  If you send me a couple, I’ll get some lessons up for you.  Questions are always welcome so feel free to write back.  Good luck.


One Response

  1. I really want to learn pentatonic box. Can i get the attaches too?

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