Another Pinky Builder

Hey everyone.  Back from my hiatus.  I figured I’d start where I left off.  Pinky strength.  It’s key to progressing past the basics on the guitar.  This is a great riff to learn to get some more strength.  Plus it’s got a very cool Scottish sound.  So if you need the chops but are sick of exercises, here ya go.

Glasgow Kiss- John Petrucci


The key to getting something out of this exercise is to use the fingering I have given.  I have no idea how JP plays this but that fingering will be tough on a weak pinky.  If you are unsure about what  numbers are which finger,  1= index, 2= middle, 3= ring, 4=pinky.

Good to be back.

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  1. Ok – This looks very nice. Can’t wait to try this one out.

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