Gaining Pinky Independence

One of the hardest part of beginning to play the guitar is getting your pinky to do what you want it do.  Here are two exercises to start doing just that.

Exercise 1

In this first one fret the 4th fret with your index finger. Everything else leave to your pinky and feel the burn.

Exercise 2

Ok.  Now a little bit tougher.  Once again, use your index finger for all the 4th frets, pinky for 8th and ring finger for 7th.  This one is good to get some pinky-ring finger independence.

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6 Responses

  1. hahh, nice info………….

  2. Real good exercise. Careful, do not play too long at first…


  4. are you allowed to let go of the 4th fret? because i can’t seem to stretch my index and pinky that far (or is that another thing to train?) anyway, far as i’ve succeeded to play it, i can feel it burn x) nice info indeed =)

  5. Vince,

    When you first start playing these exercises, you might have to let go of the 4th fret. It might not be the prettiest looking exercise but if you play them you will get better.


  6. ah great =)
    then ill make sure to practice this a few minutes a day and increase within a few days.

    thanks MD =)

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