Tapping w/ String Skipping Exercises: 3 Michael Romeo Licks

A lot of people hear Michael Romeo of Symphony X play and assume he uses sweep tapping (sweeping a lick and then tapping extra notes at the top).  Even the sweep picking article on wikipedia sites him as a sweep tapper.  I though have yet to find him make use of this technique.  What people assume is sweep tapping is actually tapping with string skipping to make large intervals and sound more sweepish. If you want to achieve this sound, I’ll give you some Romeo licks to master.

All the licks can be found in the following video:


Of Sins and Shadows- Symphony X

I did not tab any of these licks myself, so I’m not to sure of their accuracy.  However, you do not need to play the lick exactly like he does in the video as long as you get the feel of the technique down.  This one starts at about 18 secs into the video.

Out of the Ashes- Symphony X

This one starts at 3:32.

Sea of Lies- Symphony X

Finally we have one of the quintessential Michael Romeo licks. This one starts at 4:19.  You’ll have to have this technique down to do this one. Good Luck.


If you have any questions or comments, please email me at mdguitarteacher@gmail.com.

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6 Responses

  1. I wanna know how to do the effect made in Candlelight fantasi and Odyssey…and others, in which the guitar sounds acoustic, and sound lots of notes…dont know how to discribe it well, i think is with some kind of time delay….or is it playing all the notes?

    • hey, don’t know if that’s been answered cause it’s been a long time. but anyway, the effect is done by playing using the volume knob, you hit the note with the volume mute, and you turn it up so that you can hear it coming up, it’s about one note per second, the reason you hear lot’s of notes is because he is using a delay. hope that helps you. (sry my english is not very good).

      • Cx,

        You are right. It has been answered with my lesson in the comment above but thanks for your answer too. Good Job.


  2. teach me

  3. […] Tapping w/ String Skipping Exercises: 3 Michael Romeo Licks […]

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