String Skipping Exercises: 4 Paul Gilbert Licks

String skipping is a useful technique if you want to break up a linear line and add some wider intervals.  One of the best at this technique is Paul Gilbert.  Today I have some licks from him to get your string skipping in shape.

Superheroes- Racer X

This is a really basic lick to get this going. Yet it demonstrates one of the greatest things string skipping has to offer: an alternative to sweep picking.  String skipping allows us another way to play arpeggios very quickly.  This is shown in the example below which is an arpeggiated full diminished 7th chord.


Scit Scat Wah- Racer X

This next lick takes string skipping a little further and moves it around the fretboard a little bit.


King of the Monsters- Racer X

This is the same kind of thing as the last lick but it adds a little flurry of notes to the pattern.


Scarified- Racer X

This linal lick is double the fun.  In his one you make two skips.

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