MD’s Weekly Riff 4/18

It doesn’t matter how fast you are or how good your sweeping technique is, if you can’t write a good riff no one with want to listen to you.  A lot of guitarists are obsessed with soloing and lead guitar.  This series, which I will publish every Friday, is an attempt to shift some of that focus onto riffing.

I didn’t want to have the first riff of the series to be a cliche riff that everyone knows.  It took a while but this riff finally came to me.  Since it will be published on Fridays, I thought I should keep with the weekend theme.  This is a great riff that I used to hear on classic rock radio stations coming home from school on Fridays.

Just Got Paid- ZZ Top

Here’s the riff:

Here’s the video:

Check back next Friday for more of the same.

If you have any suggests for a riff, email me at

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