Guitar Effects: Delay Pedal

You can do a lot of amazing things if you get your hands on a delay pedal and a guitar.  I have three examples of some great uses of delay pedals to make some awesome licks. 

The Odyssey- Symphony X

First off, we have what Michael Romeo plays during the verse in the last section of The Odyssey.  It starts at about 38 secs into the link.  He sets the delay so that each note sounds again 3/4 of a beat later.  Below are two versions; the first version is what is played, the second version is the first few measures and what they becomes when you add delay.  In the second version the delayed notes are shown in parenthesis.

As always, click to enlarge the tab below

Version 1

Version 2

Pretty cool.

Big Sur Moon- Buckethead

Next we have the great Buckethead using the same delay idea to create a cool riff of his own.  He also delays the notes 3/4 of a beat.

Paul Gilbert Video Lesson

Finally I’ve found a video of Paul Gilbert outlining one of his delay licks. I tabbed it out real quick for you.  He starts explaining it at about 5: 23.

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2 Responses

  1. Thanks for sharing that. Eddie Van Halen has done some cool delay stuff too. And Albert Lee used delay for super fast country picking earlier in his career.

  2. cool man…

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