Sweep Picking Exercises: 5 Jason Becker Licks

Jason Becker lost his ability to play guitar at a very young age, but before he did he gave us some great licks.  Here are a couple of great sweeping exercises from Mr. Becker.

Altitudes–  Jason Becker

This part is at 3: 10 in the video.  It’s very slow lick by sweeping standards so get the technique down.


^click to enlarge^

AltitudesJason Becker

Here’s another one from earlier in the same song. This one starts at 2: 00


Perpetual Burn- Jason Becker


SerranaJason Becker

Next we have the very famous and very difficult Serrana arpeggios.



Finally we have a very simple riff from Cacophony.  It mixes sweep picking and alternate picking.  It starts at 0: 52.


If you want more sweep picking licks check out my lesson on Yngwie Malmsteen sweeps.  If you have any questions please email me at mdguitarteacher@gmail.com.

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  1. \m/ \m/

  2. Thank you so much for these,they are very accurate and helpful

  3. thanks so very much. Jason was Mazing

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