Learn Stevie Ray Vaughan- Pride and Joy

Stevie Ray Vaughan has been an inspiration for many guitar players over the years.  In this lesson I will show you how to play Pride and Joy, one Stevie’s most famous songs.  It’s a standard blues song in Eb. Here we go.

The Song

Tuning Your Guitar

Stevie plays in half step down tuning.  To get there de-tune every string by a half step.  This can easily be done by going to this site and using their guitar tuner.  Now the tuner they have on that site is to put the guitar in standard tuning. But we don’t want that.  So instead of tuning open strings so they sounds the same as the tuner, tune your guitar so that when you play the first fret of each string it sounds like the tuner. Then you will be in half-step down tuning.

 Intro Riff

pride and joy 1

The song starts with a slide into unison. Next hit some of the lower open strings and mute them quickly for a percussive effect. Measure 2 is self-explanatory. Just make sure you bend the G on the 2nd string a little bit. In measure 4 there are a few simple bends.  Nothing too bad here.

Shuffle and Turnaround

pride and joy 2

This part starts of with a little blues shuffle.  To play this pick the bass note with a down-stroke.  As you bring your pick back up, hit some of the open strings and mute then quickly. Your pick should kinda be making a circular motion.  If you don’t get what I mean by circular motion, watch the video at the top.  It takes a while to get the feel, but once you have it, I’ll be really easy to play.  The second part is the licks that lead up to a cool turnaround.  Pretty self-explanatory.  Just get your slides down.

12 Bar Blues in E

The rest of the song is just a normal 12 Bar Blues Progression in E.  It should go as follows:

| E | E | E | E | A | A | E | E | B | A | E | E |

Here are the chords to use:








Due to a request from a reader, I have put the solo to this song up here.

If you have any questions of comments, please email me at mdguitarteacher@gmail.com.


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5 Responses

  1. please do put the solo up there

  2. please do pu the solo up there

  3. I’ve have it up in a few days.


  4. […] Learn Stevie Ray Vaughan- Pride and Joy Solo Edition Posted on July 13, 2008 by MD Due to a request from a reader I’m posting the solo to this song.  If by chance you missed the first part of the lesson with the rest of the song you can find it here. […]

  5. nailing that texas shuffle on pride and joy took me a while back in the day! Really good blog.

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