Innovative Pentatonics: 3 Notes Per String

Some people think the pentatonic scale is more of a “beginner” scale.  And it is true that is great for beginners.  It’s easy to learn and easy to memorize.  But as you progress, most people learn new scales and forget about the good ol’ pentatonic.  Today we’re going to look at some innovative ways to play the scale using 3 note per string patterns.  All licks in this lesson will use the E minor pentatonic scale.

Basic Licks


These are some of the basic licks you can make using 3 note per string pentatonics.  You can then use them to create infinite combinations.  You can also apply these same patterns on other strings and positions.

Combination Examples


You can try playing them with legato or by picking every note.  Use the basic licks to create some of your own combinations.  This is a great way to make the pentatonic scale sound really cool.

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  1. good stuff

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