AcDc- Back in Black: How to Play

Ac/Dc’s Back in Black is a great song for beginners to learn.  It sounds great and it’s pretty easy.  By learning it you can pick up a few things about power chords, open chords and pentatonic runs.

Riff 1- Intro/Verse


As you can see in the tab, the intro is made up completely of power chords with a few licks thrown in between them.  The power chords should be very easy to pick up.  You barely have to move your hand.  In the second measure there is a short pentatonic run.  Make sure you get the pull-offs and the bend down.  In the fourth measure there is a short chromatic lick.  Use the one finger-per-fret method (4th fret=index, 5th fret=middle, 6th fret=ring, 7th fret=pinky).

Riff 2- Chorus

Back in Black 2

The chorus, like most Ac/Dc choruses, is mostly power chords.  There are a couple of open G chords and open D chords. Make sure you mute the 5th string on the open G chords though.

Riff 3- Bridge

Back in Black 3

The last riff is the most difficult of the three.  Take it slow.

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4 Responses

  1. Hey nice… that really helped, thank you!! I am a beginner, and really hope to be able to do this song soon…

  2. Awesome post! Thanks and keep up the good work!

  3. i an’t understand this at all!!

  4. Dear vinayak,

    I see you are having a little trouble understanding my lesson on Back in Black. What part don’t you understand? Do you know how to read a tablature? If you don’t, that might be a big problem. If that is the case, tell me and I will get up a lesson on how to read a tablature with in a few days. If you’re having a problem somewhere else tell me what exactly the problem is and I’ll help you out the best I can. Thanks.


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