Beginning Finger-Picking Pt. 1

Finger-picking is a style of guitar playing where the players fingers are use to pluck a string instead of a pick.  Many genres feature this style including classical and flamenco guitar.  Today we are going to look at a very basic beginner finger-picking song so everybody can get the mechanics under their fingers.

Asturias Leyenda- Isaac Albeniz

Below is the first part of this piece.  It starts off very easy.


No plectrum is used in this piece.  Pluck the first note with your thumb, the second with your index finger, the third with your thumb, the fourth with your middle finger.  Continue with this pattern (thumb, index, thumb, middle) for the whole passage.

Next lesson we will learn the next, more difficult part of this song.

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  1. Thank you very much..
    just I can’t say how I thank you..

  2. […] Beginning Finger-Picking Pt.1 […]

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