Guitar Finger Exercises Pt.2: Trills

A trill is a rapid alteration between two notes.  If you have any weak fingers, practicing trills is a great way to isolate the problem digits and strengthen them a lot.  To preform a trill rapidly hammer-on and pull-off between two notes. Below I will list all the finger combinations that you can do.  Practice them all any place on the fretboard you want.  A good way to practice is to set a timer to it.  Play each one for a minute and then move on the next, etc. Repeat until you’ve done all the finger combinations.


1) Index-Middle

2) Index-Ring

3) Index-Pinky

4) Middle-Ring

5) Middle-Pinky

6) Ring-Pinky

The last three are very hard to do if your pinky and ring fingers a weak.  But if you do these trills daily, you’ll notice a lot of improvement very quickly. 

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