8 Pentatonic Exercises

Pentatonic scales are a guitarists bread and butter.  They are a must to learn if you want to progress. As the name suggests, a pentatonic scale it a scale with five notes.  We’ll now take a look at whats thought of as the first pentatonic box and discuss some patterns and exercises to practice. You can do these in any key you want.  I’m going to show them in B minor.


exer 1+2

exer 3+4

exer 5+6

exer 7+8

That pentatonic workout should help your technique improve greatly.  If you have any questions please email me at mdguitarteacher@gmail.com


5 Responses

  1. It’s also important to note that when shifting position in any scale -but pent. in particular- when you play the last note in the position you’re in-usually you’ll be on your pinky or ring finger on your fretting hand. Always shift from pinky or ring up into the next position starting with your index finger(instead of jus sliding your whole hand up.

  2. Thanks alot guys,…
    i’ve known the scale very well but couldnt get any exercises on all patterns… thanks alot…and ill be practicing…

  3. Interesting stuff, I’ll have to try it out with some of my students. Keep up the good work.

  4. Thanks a lot!
    Do you have exercises tabbed for the other positions of the pentatonic scale or any other general scales? That would be much appreciated!
    Daniel V.

  5. I started using these (#1-3) for five-minute warmups a year ago. Stopped it for several months, but now I’m noticing tighter left-right hand coordination, even on my bad days. It’s definitely worth investing more time into the rest of them. Thank you for sharing.

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